And the Winners Are!!!
Best of Fest "Spaghetti for Two"
Best Professional Short "Imagine"
Best Student Short "Link"
Best Professional Animation "Oh Willy..."
Best Student Animation "Parts"
Best Professional Documentary "The Last Ocean"
Best Student Documentary "Reporting on the Times: The New York Times and the Holocaust
Best Professional Feature "Spring Eddy"
Audience Choice "Wet Behind the Ears"

2013 Real to Reel Film Festival Schedule!

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aDay Playing
Wednesday, July 24 - 7pm-until
Un día (extra)ordinario PG 6min 42sec Short
  Wings G 10min Short
The New True Charlie Wu PG 30min Short
  Reporting on the Times:
The New York Times and The Holocaust
PG-13 17min 31sec Documentary
  Alienation G 3min 38sec Animation
Cello Tales G 75min Documentary
  Baldwin G 12min Short
  Death of Eurydice PG 15min Short
Thursday, July 25 - 7pm-until
  Ditching School to Whistle G 14min 24sec Documentary
  Brightwood PG 18min 27sec Short
  Lil Tokyo Reporter PG 29min 50sec Short
  Parts G 5min 7 sec Animation
Maiden Flight G 2min 48sec Animation
Bathanti G 72min Documentary
Wicked Silence PG 33min 14 sec Documentary
  Franky and the Ant R 9min 7sec
Friday, July 26 - 7pm-until
My Home G 20min Animation
  Link PG 14min 50 sec Short
  The Last Ocean G 87min Documentary
Dr. Gutman's Eulogy PG-13 17min 46sec Short
Overlooked Suspect - What If O.J. Didn't Do It? R 61min Documentary
  Cold Turkey R 14min 11sec Short
Saturday, July 27 - Matinee - 1pm
  Where the Wolves Lie   21min 37sec Short
  What Remains PG 17min 29sec Short
  A World of Difference G 8min 10sec Animation
  Ed PG-13 13min 56sec Animation
  Chairworks R 24min Short
  Spring Eddy R 102min Feature
Saturday, July 27 - 7pm-until
Spaghetti For Two G 18min 31sec Short
Imagine PG 29min 45sec Short
  Umbrellacorn G 4min 10sec Animation
  Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks PG 10min Documentary
  Oh Willy... PG-13 15min Animation
Wet Behind the Ears R 90min Feature
 Awards & Party!
(Schedule subject to change)
Awards will be announced during the PARTY following the final film on Saturday night at 238 Cherokee Grille - 222 S. Railroad Ave., Kings Mountain, NC!
Synopsis (In Alphabetical Order)
  "A World of Difference" (website)
[8mins 10sec - Animation - Illinois]
Gerald Guthrie - Director; Producer
A digital animation that moves us along a bumpy path through Space and Time
to discover Truth, Perfection and Meaning.
[3mins. 38sec. - Animation - Spain]
Silvia Carpizo - Animator
An animated film based in the street background of Valencia City, a connection between the walls of one of the best street artists at the moment, Escif.
  "Un día (extra)ordinario"
[6mins. 42sec - Short - Florida]
Andrea Puente - Writer; Director
Curtis Adair - Producer
Touring his rundown neighborhood, eight-year-old Oscar takes on the challenge of capturing genuine smiles through the lens of a camera he found in the city.
[12mins. - Short - North Carolina]
Jeremiah Cullen - Director
Sam Newsome - Writer
Ashlee Franklin - Producer
Baldwin is the story of a boy who desperately wants someone back in his life, and the odd companion who attempts to become that someone.
  "BATHANTI" (teaser)
[1hour 12mins. - Documentary - G- North Carolina]
Kevin Balling - Director; Producer
Pittsburgh native and North Carolina Poet Laureate Joseph Bathanti, travels with filmmaker Kevin Balling to the places that inform Bathanti's poetry, novels, short stories, and essays. From the streets of Pittsburgh to the rural landscapes of North Carolina, the film reveals Bathanti's influences, inspirations, and literary style. Interviews with the author are blended with the insight and perspective of writers Michael Parker, Robert Morgan, Kay Stripling Byer, Heather Ross Miller and Abigail DeWitt. The film also presents readings of the author's work, interpreted through location footage, photos, archival film, text and soundtrack.

"Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks"
[10mins. - Documentary - California]
Tiffany Shlain - Director; Producer; Writer
Sawyer Steele - Producer; Writer
Ken Goldberg - Writer
BRAIN POWER is a 10-minute film based on new research from Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child and University of Washington’s I-LABS. The project explores the parallels between a child’s brain development and the development of the global brain of the Internet, offering insights into the best ways to shape both.

  "Brightwood" (website)
[18mins. - Short - Washington]
L. Gabriel Gonda - Director
LaDora Sella - Writer; Executive Producer
Brightwood is a story of a young girl's real and imaginary lives, combining innocence with deeper themes of finding home and family. When Sparrow discovers a nest of baby mice in her sock drawer her need to find a family is revealed as she faces a challenge greater than any child should.
[1hour 15mins - Documentary - Luxembourg]
Anne Schiltz - Writer; Director
Anne Schroeder - Producer
The cello - more than just a musical instrument.
[24mins. - Short - Raleigh, North Carolina]
Brian Harvell - Writer
Larry E. Evans - Director; Producer
Dr. Parnell has created a new therapy to help patients with anger management. Sometimes you have to hurt to heal.
[14min - Short - Iceland]
Fannar Thor Arnarsson - Writer; Director; Producer
It is hard to wake up from a nightmare when you are not asleep.

Death of Eurydice
[15min - Short - North Carolina]
Ryan Hibbett - Writer
Gabriela Quiroz - Director
Brandon White and Katelin Fasano-Perry - Producers
Set in the 1800s, the Death of Eurydice tells the story of Orpheus (a prodigious pianist) and his wife, Eurydice, a happy couple living in a sinister house.

  Ditching School to Whistle
[14min - Documentary - G - Georgia]
Ien Chi - Director; Producer
April 2012 filmmaker Ien Chi set out to compete in the International Whistling Competition - and make a documentary about it. This short film explores not only the fascinating people who converge once a year for this quirky event; but also tells the unexpectedly touching stories of people who discovered healing and therapy through what may be dismissed by many as silly: whistling."
  DR. GUTMAN'S EULOGY (website)
[17min - Short - Florida]
Melanie Wainberg - Writer; Director
Cecilie Ellegaard Jensen - Producer
A grieving son tries to find the words to send his father off, while dodging bad advice, match maker family members, and his own anxieties.
  Ed (website)
[14min - Animation - PG - Brazil]
Gabriel Garcia - Director
Meet Ed and his extraordinary life. Fifty years of an unforgettable journey. Many loves, adventures and remarkable stories. What nobody knows is why Ed wants to end it.
  Franky and The Ant (website)
[9min - Short - California]
Billy Hayes - Writer; Producer; Director
Franky has been betrayed and everyone close to him soon discovers that vengeance is not what he seeks. He wants a lot more than that.
  Imagine (website)
[29min - Short - Utah]
Jonathan Steven Green - Co-Writer; Director; Co-Producer
Austin James Green - Co-Writer; Co-Producer
Jahanara Saleh - Co-Writer; Co-Producer
Chris Fischer - Executive Producer
Scott Wolf - Lead Actor
Imagine, a physiological drama, is about John Morris, a paramedic, who lives under a cloud of guilt after being unable to save his daughters life. Being present at her death the guilt has left him numb and has shattered his relationship with his wife Kate. Through Charged water, water that has been influenced by
specific thoughts or energy, an experiment held by Dr. Arlen, John begins to connect with his daughter in an unknown world. Through the reoccurring events in the unknown world he becomes convinced that he has the ability to change the events that have happened in the past. Confident that he can prevent her from drowning he tries to convince Kate that he can make everything the way it used to be.
  Lil Tokyo Reporter (website)
[30min - Short - California]
Jeffrey Chin - Writer; Director; Producer
Chris Tashima - Lead Actor
1935 Los Angeles, community leader Sei Fujii uncovers the corrupt activities of his community's underground mafia. He must choose between saving the face of his deteriorating community and confronting the issues head on through his newspaper. Based on a true story.

[14mins. 50sec. - Short - North Carolina]
Alexander Thompson - Director
Austin Elliott and Alexander Thompson - Writers
Mitch Rumfelt and Josh Barker - Producers
Harmon and Wendel are two WWII concentration camp escapees, chained together at the wrist. Their run for freedom is halted when they step on a landmine.

  Maiden Flight
[2min. 48sec. - Animation - North Carolina]
Dwayne Martin - Writer; Director; Producer
Maiden Flight is a story about the strength it takes to let go of what you love most.
  My Home (website)
[20mins. - Animation - New York]
Peter Hale - Writer
Calvert Waller III - Director
Dale Rood - Producer
Karabo Legwaila - Animator
My Home is the story of a persistent and self-indulgent beaver who is not a very good neighbor. That is, until he meets a precocious no-nonsense turtle. In Oneida society, the oral tradition is very important and represents the soul of the Oneida people. From generation to generation children are taught about their Oneida traditional beliefs from an Elder who has the ability to speak with meaning and confidence. We open with that scene. The story follows a young turtle as she wakes up to find that a neighboring beaver has changed her home. The beaver is more interested in technology than the nature around him and its inhabitants. The turtle, upset, soon realizes she has to stop him.
  Oh Willy...
[15mins. - Animation - Belgium]
Ben Tesseur - Producer
Emma De Swaef - Director, Art Director
Marc James Roels - Director
Alice Tambellini - Animator
Andreas De Ridder - Animator
Forced to return to his naturist roots, Willy bungles his way into noble savagery.
  'Overlooked Suspect: What If O.J. Simpson Didn't Do It ?' (website)
[1hour - Documentary - PG-13 - Canada/US Co-Production]
Howard Barrett & William Dear - Executive Producers
An incredible search for the truth behind the “trial of the century”. Take the opportunity to see & hear the evidence that has never been made public!
[5mins. - Short - North Carolina]
Meredith Hannah - Animator; Director; Writer
A scientist places the heart of his dead wife into a new creation. When the creation comes to life, he tries to revive the old love.
  Reporting on The Times: The New York Times and The Holocaust (website)
[17mins.- Documentary - New York]
Emily Harrold - Director; Producer; Editor
Inspired by Laurel Leff's award winning book Buried by The Times, this film explores how The New York Times handled reports of The Holocaust during World War II. It also explores why The Times, a Jewish owned newspaper, buried more than one thousand articles in its back pages. Was it simply an oversight? Or did the publishers and editors fear an American Antisemitic backlash? Though interviews and testimony of a Holocaust survivor, historians, journalists, and American citizens who lived through World War II, Reporting on The Times encourages audiences to reevaluate America's place as The Great Liberator. The film also asks viewers to consider the power of the press in creating change.
  Spaghetti for Two (website)
[18mins. 31sec. - Short - Germany]
Matthias Rosenberger - Director; Producer; Executive Producer
Betina Dubler - Writer; Co-Director
Felix von Poser - Co-Producer
A seemingly ordinary day becomes a significant turning point for an unremarkable man, thanks to a minimal shift of fate.
  Spring Eddy (website)
[1hour 42mins. 45sec. - Feature - Texas]
George Anson - Writer; Director
Barbara Morgan - Producer
Eddy, a small-time Chicago criminal with a penchant for dim-witted schemes, is on the run. After ripping off his boss, Eddy hightails it for Mexico, but gets distracted by a pretty hitchhiker on the way. What begins as a simple tryst ends with Eddy beaten up, broken down, and penniless in Wynot, TX. Inadvertently witnessing a murder by Willet Nash, the county's all powerful Sheriff, Eddy tries to hold up a bank and make a run for it, but his cockamamie plan goes awry and he's caught in the act by Nash himself. Eddy's only chance to make it out of jail alive is his fiancé Jeannie, who he left jilted at the alter back in Chicago.
  The Last Ocean (website)
[1hour 27mins. 20sec. - Documentary - New Zealand]
Peter Young - Co-Writer; Director; Producer; Cinematographer/DP
Richard Langston - Co-Writer
Peter Elliott - Voice
The race to protect Earth's last untouched ocean, the Ross Sea Antarctica, from humanity's insatiable appetite for fish.
  The New True Charlie Wu
[30mins. - Shorts - Tennessee]
Bob Pondillo - Writer; Director
Charlie Wu's stuck in a rut! He's an accountant who dreams of being something more, something he truly loves, but he can't (or won't) quit his job to become his 'authentic self.' One night, Charlie has a dream that changes his entire life.
  Umbrellacorn (website)
[4mins. 10sec. - Animation - Connecticut]
Stephen P Neary - Writer; Animator; Director; Associate Producer
A 2D computer animated short about a unicorn who has an umbrella for a horn.
Blue Sky Studios
  Wet Behind the Ears (website)
[1hour 30mins. - Feature - New York]
Margaret Keane Williams - Executive Producer; Lead Actor
Sloan Copeland - Writer; Director; Editor; Producer
What do you do if you just graduated college? Well, most people would say it's time to get a job. But in a country where more than half of recent college graduates are unemployed, it's more likely that the end of college means moving back in with your parents...Join Samantha Phelps on her journey into the job market, where minimum wage or jail time seem to be the only options. Wet Behind the Ears takes a comical look at joblessness and adjusting to the real world in a way that will resonate with an underemployed generation.
  What Remains
[17mins. 29sec. - Shorts - North Carolina]
Julie Zografos Koegl - Director; Writer
Julia Festa, Daniel Parra and Bernice Miller - Producers:
Mark and Jennifer decide to adopt a baby, but when Jennifer travels to pick up the newborn, she is killed in a car accident. After Mark identifies his wife’s body and collects her remains, he is presented with the baby and must decide whether to go through with the adoption alone.
  Where the Wolves Lie (website)
[21mins. 37sec. - Shorts - Concord, North Carolina]
Andrew Huggins - Writer; Director; Executive Producer
Virginia, 1877. Secrets plague the Banks family. Nathan is a twelve year old boy who encounters a mysterious figure, Q, in the family barn. Margaret, Nathan's mother, is distant and beginning to unravel due to years of dishonesty. Nathan's older siblings, Gabriel and Emily, begin to question their mother's version of reality. Margaret's sister Abigail attempts to maintain the balance within the family, but the truth begins to manifest itself from the past.
  Wicked Silence
[33mins. 14sec. - Documentary - Winston-Salem, North Carolina]
Jessica Pic - Co-Writer; Co-Director; Co-Producer
Sana Haq - Co-Writer; Co-Director; Co-Producer
Elaine, Ann, and Willis are three out of approximately 8000 victims of forced sterilizations sanctioned by the Eugenics Board of North Carolina from the 1920s to the 1970s. Falsely accused of feeble-mindedness, promiscuity and being a burden on society they were sterilized without their knowledge. All three of them were under the age of 14. For years now they have been fighting for justice and reparations for the wrong that was done to them. Behind them stands a journalist and an advocate for their rights, John Railey, who has helped spread the word about this atrocity through his columns and consistent campaigning for compensation. Wicked Silence is a story of the victims suffering, but it is also a story of hope and resilience.

[10mins. - Shorts - North Carolina]
Adam Perry - Director
Ryan Hibbett - Writer
Tay Nikonovich - Producer
Two young brothers, Elliot and Luke are stuck at home with their depressed mother after their father dies. They only have each other, but Luke becomes a bully as he tries to be man of the house. Elliot decides to finish building a pair of wings that he and his father started to building together before he passed away. He brings in the wings to school for show and tell day, but only gets laughed at. Tired of feeling trapped, Elliot takes the wings to the top of the school to discover whether or not they will work. Will this daring act inspire the family to come back together once again?

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