2012 Winners

Best of Fest
“The Darkness is Close Behind”, Student/Amateur Short, Sheena McCann, Los Angeles, CA

Best Documentary
Professional - "Colored Confederates: Myth or Matter of Fact?", Ken Wyatt, Rocky Mount, NC
Student/Amateur - "Echoes of Exxon", Lauren Lindburg, Danville, CA

Best Professional Feature
“A Dangerous Place”, David W. Schoner, Jr. & Gregory J. Corrado, Cedar Grove, NJ

Best Short
Professional – “The Miracles on Honey Bill Hill”, Bob Pondillo, Murfreesboro, TN
Student/Amateur – “In Our Hands”, Peter Bruenner, Austria

Best Animation
Professional - “Stop It”, Pravin Vatt, Edison, NJ
Student/Amateur - "Live Outside the Box", Shu-Hsuan Lin, Freemont, CA

Audience Choice – “The High Price of Victory”, Louis Asbury, Morganton, NC
"Dislecksia: The Movie", Harvey Hubbell V, Litchfield, CT

Honorary Award Winners
Best Director – Bryce Dallas Howard, “When You Find Me”
Best Cinematography – Medeni Griffiths, “In Our Hands”
Best Screenplay – Jessica Kavana Dornbusch, “Escape”
Best Editing – Larry Gardner, "Dar He: The Lynching of Emmett Till"
Best Actor – Mike Wiley, "Dar He: The Lynching of Emmett Till"
Best Actress – Sarah Thornton, "The Orphan"

2012 Real to Reel Film Festival Schedule! (Scroll down for Synopsis)

aDay Playing
Wednesday, July 18 - 7pm-until
In Our Hands PG-13 27mins 40sec short
  Stop It G 6mins animation
A Dangerous Place PG 2hr feature
  Historias G 19mins 40sec short
Q&A after film, trailer
Colored Confederates: Myth or Matter of Fact? PG 40mins documentary
  Guilt-Ridden R 26mins 17sec short
Thursday, July 19 - 7pm-until
  Live Outside the Box G 4mins 19sec animation
trailer Sterling Hallard Bright Drake PG 14mins 49sec short
  The Darkness is Close Behind PG-13 21mins 38sec short
Escape PG-13 18mins short
Echoes of Exxon G 7mins documentary
Q&A after film, trailer
The High Price of Victory PG 1hr 42mins documentary
Friday, July 20 - 7pm-until
Wheels PG 7mins 27sec short
  Sunshower PG 7mins 32sec short
Q&A after film, trailer
Dar He: The Lynching of Emmett Till PG 1hr 10mins documentary
The Orphan PG-13 6mins 16sec short
Money and Medicine PG 1hr 25mins documentary
Saturday, July 21 - Matinee - 1pm
After I Pick the Fruit G 1hr 33mins documentary
Q&A after film The New Obsolete G 38mins documentary
Q&A after film, trailer Dislecksia: The Movie - 30 min panel discussion following film G 1hr 21mins documentary
Saturday, July 21 - 7pm-until
Q&A after film
The Miracles on Honey Bee Hill PG 22mins 53sec short
Masque PG 39mins 55sec short
When You Find Me PG 28mins 43sec short
Connected: An Autoblogography about Love, Death &
PG 1hr 20mins documentary
 Awards & Party!
(Schedule subject to change)
Awards will be announced during the PARTY following the final film on Saturday night at Battleground Steakhouse, 222 S. Railroad Avenue Kings Mountain, NC. Live music by Justin Sloan.
In Our Hands - [27min. 40sec., student/amateur short] -
Written & Directed by: Peter Brunner, Austria
A train ride from Los Angeles to San Diego. Each passenger has a different story. But they are all headed for the same abrupt end.
Stop It - [6min., professional animation] Written & Animated by: Pravin Vatt, NY
An animation film about driving.

A Dangerous Place - [2hr, professional feature]
Written & Directed by: Gregory J. Corrado and
Produced by: David W . Schoner, Jr ., NJ
A Dangerous Place is an action/thriller about Claire Scully, an executive at a New Jersey pharmaceutical company, who begins to suspect that her fellow employees are poisoning people in the public because their company makes the antidote.


Historias - [19min. 40sec., student/amateur short]
Written & Directed by: Gloriana Fonseca-Malavasi, FL
Manuel is tired of his grandmother's crazy tales and of being the only Latino at an upper-class school until, one night, he hears the cry of the Weeping Woman.


COLORED CONFEDERATES: Myth or Matter of Fact?
[39min. 51sec., professional documentary] Directed by: Ken Wyatt, Rocky Mount, NC
We often imagine the soldiers that fought for the Confederate States of America as all white. But, is that accurate? Evidence of Confederate soldiers of color is hard to find in official records. On the other hand, studies and media (e.g., the film, Glory) acknowledging 200,000 blacks’ participation in the Union army are abundant. The fact is that enlistment of blacks was simply prohibited by the Confederate government. Such a thought of “gun-toting” black southerners was unthinkable in the nineteenth century, because blacks were not recognized (let alone acknowledged) as citizens. Historians agree that stories of black body servants and fortification builders (as seen in the film, Gone with the Wind) are plentiful, however did blacks actively fight for the values of the “Old South” and if so why? After years of research and on-camera interviews, COLORED CONFEDERATES: Myth or Matter of Fact?, attempts to shed light on and untangle of this obscure corner of American history. See Civil War experts, historians, and re-enactors hash out this one-and-a-half-century-old debate!


GUILT-RIDDEN - [26min. 17 sec., student/amateur short]
Directed by: Corey W. Horton, FL
Derek Baxter, a rising television talk show star, must deal with the loss of his wife in a hit and run accident. While mourning, Derek runs across the driver of the other car. As his anger builds Derek decides to kidnap the driver with the help of his unstable uncle-in-law. But revenge doesn't heal the heart.


Live Outside the Box - [4min., student/amateur animation]
Written & Animated by: Shu-Hsuan Lin, Taiwan
The leading character Simon is a workaholic without any social contact. Gradually his world becomes smaller and smaller and even at the very end, there is nothing left in his world but only his work. This severe impact finally wakes him up and now Simon has to find the right way to bring his life back before everything is too late...


Sterling Hallard Bright Drake - [15min., professional short]
Directed by: Robert Sickels, WA
Through the process of challenging the old maxim 'Dead Men Tell No Tales,' Sterling Hallard Bright Drake parses the line between truth and memory in solving the mysteries surrounding one of the world's most notorious and talked about tombstones. The result is a surprisingly funny and unexpectedly profound meditation on the seemingly inexhaustible optimism and promise of youth, the subsequent inescapable mortal realities of aging, and the bittersweet double-edged sword that comes part and parcel with true love.


The Darkness is Close Behind - [21min. 38sec., student/amateur short]
Directed by: Sheena McCann, CA
A teenage boy anxiously watches over his meth cook father and his little brother - but his vigilance is wearing thin.


Escape - [18min., professional short] Directed by: Jessica Kavana Dornbusch, FL
'The perfect husband' suddenly finds himself questioning his complacent, unstimulating life.


The Orphan - [6min. 16sec., student/amateur short]
Directed by: Teresa Sutherland, FL
When her abusive father murders her mother and then kills himself, a little girl discovers the childhood she was never allowed to have before. When her new life is threatened by the outside world, she learns exactly what she is willing to do to protect it.


The High Price of Victory - [1hr. 42mins., professional documentary]
Directed by: Louis Asbury, Morganton, NC
The High Price of Victory is a feature length documentary project on the subject of World War II, by Filmmaker, Producer, and Director, Louis Asbury, III. The Filmmaker has paved a different road here, allowing the veterans to tell his/her stories in a conversational unscripted format accompanied by riveting images of the war, allowing these authentic memories to come alive for the viewer. The film is able to achieve a truly personal edge rarely seen on this subject. The High Price of Victory does not attempt to tell the complete history of the war, but rather focuses on the feelings, insights, and memories recalled by the 14 veterans interviewed, and is enriched throughout by a sensitive commentary by Best-Selling Author and Historian, Dr. William Forstchen.

Wheels - [7mins. 27sec., professional short]
Directed by: David Begg, United Kingdom
Physically disabled Colin leaves his home and embarks on a journey pushing his own empty wheelchair through the streets and parks of his north London neighborhood.  As he navigates the many obstacles in his way it becomes clear he has a purpose!
Sunshower - [7mins. 32sec., student/amateur short]
Directed by: Justin Reager, FL
Sean, a high school romantic, teams up with his inventor best friend to build a rain machine that will win the young girl's heart.
Dar He: The Lynching of Emmett Till - [1hr. 10mins., professional documentary]
Directed by: Rob Underhill, Raleigh, NC
In an acting tour de force, one man performs 36 roles in the telling of the Emmett Till tragedy. In DAR HE: The Lynching of Emmett Till (5 Best Film Awards), experience the true story, trial, and unbelievable confessions of those accused of Emmett's murder in this riveting drama. 'His death was a spark that ignited the Civil Rights Movement in America,' Ed Bradley, Emmy Award-winning journalist. 'A masterful performance by Mike Wiley.'-20th Pan African Film Festival.
Echoes of Exxon - [7mins, student/amateur documentary]
Directed by: Lauren Lindberg, CA
Teen filmmaker travels to Alaska in 2010 during the news of the BP Gulf Oil Spill and realizes that the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 20 years ago continues to affect Alaska's residents, wildlife and the environment. Through interviews and archive footage, filmmaker Lauren Lindberg compares the two spills, issues a timely warning and a call to action.
Money and Medicine - [1hr. 25mins., professional documentary]
Directed by: Roger Weisberg, NY
As rising health care costs threaten to bankrupt the country, MONEY AND MEDICINE tackles the medical, ethical, and financial challenges of containing runaway health care spending. In addition to illuminating the so-called waste and overtreatment that pervade our medical system, this timely documentary explores promising ways to reduce health care expenditures and improve the overall quality of medical care. With remarkable candor, MONEY AND MEDICINE captures the painful end-of-life treatment choices made by patients and their families, ranging from very aggressive interventions in the ICU to palliative care at home. The film also investigates the controversy surrounding diagnostic testing and screening as well as the shocking treatment variations among patients receiving a variety of elective procedures.
After I Pick the Fruit - [1hr. 33mins., professional documentary]
Directed by: Nancy Ghertner, NY
After I Pick the Fruit is a documentary that follows the lives of five immigrant farm worker women over a ten-year period as they labor in the apple orchards and fields of rural western New York, migrate seasonally to Florida, raise their families, and try to hide from the Bush-era immigration raids that were conducted in response to September 11, 2001. Filmed in New York, Florida, and Mexico, this intimate, bittersweet, feature-length film illuminates a community that is nearly invisible to most Americans, and will change the way you look at our national immigration problem.
The New Obsolete - [38mins., professional documentary]
Directed by: Jonathan Butler, Greensboro, NC
A look at the new performance art piece by avant-garde musical group INVISIBLE.
The New Obsolete is INVISIBLE thinking out loud about obsolescence in technology and the human body. The performance unfolds in a landscape of outmoded consumer devices, elaborate sound-making inventions, video monitors, projections and four human elements. At the center of the composition is a professional typist, whose words are transposed into sound by the Selectric Piano, an electromechanical adaptor that turns each letter typed into a note played on a piano. The New Obsolete is also the debut performance for INVISIBLE's newest invention, a ten foot tall contraption that uses dripping water and human heartbeats to control mechanical instruments.

Dislecksia: The Movie - [1hr. 21mins., professional documentary]
Directed by: Harvey Hubbell V, CT
Dislecksia: The Movie, dyslexic director Harvey Hubbell V and crew explore Hubbell's own experiences about growing up as a dyslexic while also looking into the latest scientific research and educational developments regarding the condition. They examine how the education system in the US handles students with learning disabilities, and explore ways in which this treatment can be changed to improve the social status of dyslexics. And along the way, they meet a variety of dyslexics from very different backgrounds who share their experiences and demonstrate that dyslexics are not disabled - just different.

The Miracles on Honey Bee Hill - [22mins 53secs., professional short]
Directed by: Bob Pondillo, TN
A young female pines for true love, but when she finds her 'special someone' she also finds a heap of trouble!
Masque - [39mins. 55secs., professional short] Directed by: Robert Hatch, CA
Living a lie of destruction and despair an evil prizefighter, henchman and gambler mirrors his dark and loathsome past on his malevolently scarred face. Double crossed and left for dead, but for the artful skills of a gifted benefactor who proffers the hope of a mythical journey of...
When You Find Me - [28mins. 43secs., professional short]
Directed by: Bryce Dallas Howard, NY
'when you find me' tells the story of two sisters whose childhood bond is tested by a tragedy they are too young to understand. Alternating between past and present, 'when you find me' is an emotional fable of two people coping with loss in very different ways, and what it takes to find peace within yourself and reconciliation with the ones you love.
Connected: An Autoblogography about Love, Death & Technology -
[1hr. 20mins., professional documentary] Directed by: Tiffany Shlain, CA
Have you ever faked a restroom trip to check your email? Or become so overwhelmed that you just unplugged from it all? In this funny, eye-opening, and inspiring film, Director Tiffany Shlain takes audiences on an exhilarating roller coaster ride to discover what it means to be connected in the 21st century. From founding The Webby Awards to being a passionate advocate for The National Day of Unplugging, Shlain's love/hate relationship with technology serves as the springboard for a thrilling exploration of modern life...and our interconnected future. After centuries of declaring independence, perhaps it's time to declare our interdependence instead.
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