2011 Winners

Best of Fest – “Welcome to America: 50 States in 50 Days” Rodney Johnson, Savage, MN

Best Professional Documentary – “The City Dark” Ian Cheney, Brooklyn, NY

Best Professional Feature – “Conned” Arthur Luhn, Boston, MA

Best Professional Short – “Kaya” Pasquale Leonardo, NY

Best Amateur Animation - “The Lighthouse” Po Chou Chi, Los Angeles, CA

Best Amateur Short – “To Rest in Peace” Fawaz Al Matrouck, Toronto, CA

Audience Choice – “Easy Street” Russell Greene, Lowell, NC

Honorary Award Winners
Best Director – Arthur Luhn, “Conned”
Best Cinematography – Jeremy Traub, “Conned”
Best Screenplay – Marc Masciandaro “Impostor”
Best Editing – Michael Chandler “Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt”
Best Actor Ensemble – Andrew Blair & Henry Packer – “Easy Street”
Best Actress Ensemble – Libby Seymour & Sharrin Edwards – “Never Feed the Troll”

2011 Real to Reel Film Festival Schedule! (Scroll down for Synopsis)

aDay Playing
Wednesday, July 20 - 7pm-until
Fully Poseable (possible Q&A) G 5 min animation
Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt (Q&A) PG 1 hr 21 min documentary
Hitomi PG 19 min short
Zero Percent PG 1 hr 44 min documentary
Thursday, July 21 - 7pm-until
To Rest in Peace PG-13 18 min short
Quirk of Fate PG 45 min short
Stormdragon PG 19 min short
3 Weeks to Daytona R 1 hr 12 min feature
The Unnecessary Man PG-13 5 min short
Friday, July 22 - 7pm-until
The League of S.T.E.A.M.: "Fools Gold" PG 3 min short
Green Washers PG 56 min documentary
Impostor (Q&A) PG 25 min short
Friday Night Tights PG 4 min animation
Conned (Q&A) R 1 hr 44 min feature
Saturday, July 23 - Matinee - 1pm
Welcome to America: 50 States 50 Days (Q&A) PG 1 hr 40 min documentary
  The Cure PG 18 min short
The City Dark G 1 hr 22 min documentary
Saturday, July 23 - 7pm-until
Kaya PG-13 20 min short
Easy Street (Q&A) PG 23 min short
The Lighthouse G 7 min animation
Nobody But Her PG 7 min short
Never Feed the Troll (Q&A) PG-13 1 hr 26 min feature
 Awards & Party!
(Schedule subject to change)
Awards will be announced during the PARTY at J.Olivers Coffee Shop
following the final film on Saturday night,

J. Olivers Coffee Shop is just across the street from The Joy Performance Center.
"Fully Poseable" - 5mins. - Student Animation -
By: Austin Taylor, Winston-Salem, NC
Fully Pose-able is a film about one character's triumph over the media's influence and his discovery of an organic authenticity within.
"Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt" - 1 hr. 21 mins. -
Professional Documentary - By: Curt Wallin, UT
Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt is about an America that has all but disappeared, when lucrative business deals were cemented by a handshake and state of the art automobiles were designed on the backs of envelopes. It tells the story of an unsung hero and self-made man, David Abbott Jenkins, who, with almost superhuman stamina and boyish charm, set out to single-handedly break every existing land speed record on his beloved Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. The film features pristine archival footage of Ab, Marv, and their races, as well as recently shot HD interviews with a stellar list of car and racing aficionados (including Jay Leno and Col. Andy Green, the current land speed holder).
"Conned" - 1 hr. 44 mins. - Professional Feature - By: Arthur Luhn, Boston, MA
The Boston Underworld is teeming with crazy, eccentric characters in 'Conned' where Quentin Tarantino meets Guy Ritchie in an highly visual action-comedy that centers around the year's biggest horse race which appears to be rigged. Everyone is all over themselves to cash in on it, oblivious to the big con that is going to blindside them all.
"Hitomi" - 19 mins. 50 secs. - Student Short - By: Manu De Smet, Belgium
Tom is a young man who has a strong connection with Japanese culture. Samurai, Jiu Jitsu, calligraphy; not a day goes by without it. When a young Asian lady enters his life he sees his knowledge of the culture as the perfect way to attract her.
"To Rest in Peace" - 18 mins. 15 secs. - Student Short -
By: Fawaz Al-Matrouk, Toronto, Canada
Occupied Kuwait, 1990. Two dead bodies lie in the street. Day after day, everyone passes them by, afraid to stop. Except one man.
"Quirk of Fate" - 45 mins. - Student Short - By: Marc Steinicke, Köln, Germany
'Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles isn't a realist!' - Billy Wilder
A quirk of fate leads Luke Hallow to risk violating his parole and losing his newly won freedom. He has to save the life of his nine-year-old daughter, Noel, who urgently needs a donor heart. Only a miracle can keep him from losing everything forever.
  "Stormdragon" - 18 mins. 42 secs. - Professional Short -
By: D.J. Holloway, CA
A dormant secret agent is reactivated in order to combat a Russian underground terrorist.
"3 Weeks to Daytona" - 1 hr. 12 mins. - Professional Feature -
By: Bret Stern, Fairfield, CT

A racing movie about real people with hope and dreams. 3 Weeks to Daytona is the story of a down on his luck stock car racer with one dream left to hold onto: drive with the best. Unfortunately, with a busted car, zero money, and a bad job, Chuck's limelight could be fading fast. When a final chance falls his way, can he patch things up with his son, crew chief, and turn himself around before its too late?
  "The Unnecessary Man" - 5 mins. - Student Short -
By: Zach Coker, Winston-Salem, NC

A contemporary southern story following the events after an eleven year old boy's estranged father comes home.
'The League of S.T.E.A.M.' "Fools Gold" - 3 mins. - Professional Short -
By: The League of S.T.E.A.M., CA

The League of S.T.E.A.M. (Supernatural and Troublesome Ectoplasmic Apparition Management) is an organization comprised of Inventors, Scientists, Adventurers, Craftsmen, Monster and Creature Hunters, and Paranormal Researchers! You can see more of the League of S.T.E.A.M. and our Steampunk adventures at http://www.leagueofsteam.com/ & http://www.youtube.com/leagueofsteam & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_STEAM
"Green Washers" - 56 mins. - Professional Documentary-
By: Bret Malley, Lake Oswego, OR

Yes Men meet the Ad and the Ego. In the spirit of the Corporation and Nothing so Strange, the two characters in this film have been termed as the Borats of the green world. Greenwashers blurs the line between green and greed, truth and believability, environmentalism and marketing. Following a pair of Greenwashers, the film illustrates the various strategies, sins, and consequences of greenwash.
"Impostor" - 25 mins. - Professional Short-
By: Marc Masciandaro, New York, NY

A lonely office drone must resort to desperate measures for a date with the woman of his dreams. An homage to "Tales from the Crypt" and "The Twilight Zone," "Impostor" is a twisted tale about identity and the dangers of romantic obsession.
"Friday Night Tights" - 4 mins. - Student Animation-
By: Joonki Park, Los Angeles, CA

On a Friday night, two roommates argue about whether to go out or not. One guy puts on his tights. MFA thesis from UCLA animation workshop
"Welcome to America: 50 States 50 Days" - 1 hr. 40 mins. - Professional Documentary - By: Rodney Johnson, Savage, MN
Roger always has about a dozen trip ideas in his head at any one moment. While working as a tour guide in 2004 Roger decided 'YES I'm going to take the trip of a lifetime!' On May 16, 2007 Roger Johnson, the world's first self proclaimed welcome sign photography expert, and his friend Haley Chamberlain, she isn't a self proclaimed anything but she is a whole lot of fun, began a journey to all 50 United States in only 50 days. Starting in New York City the two traveled over 15,000 miles ending their journey in Honolulu, Hawaii.
"Zero Percent" - 1 hr. 44 mins. - Professional Documentary -
By: Tim Skousen, New York, NY

Rare access within the walls of the notorious Sing Sing Correctional facility to follow the lives of several of society'sforgotten men as they experience the transformative power of education whilegoing through a rigorous college program called Hudson Link-- with astounding statistical results. Stars: Ice-T, Harry Belafonte and Warren Buffett
"The Cure" - 18 mins. - Professional Short - By: Sun Kim, CA
What would one do if given the answer to the most significant medical research of the 21st Century?
"The City Dark" - 1 hr. 22 mins. -
Professional Documentary - By: Ian Cheney, Brooklyn, NY
THE CITY DARK is a feature documentary about the loss of night. After moving to NYC from rural Maine, filmmaker Ian Cheney asks a simple question - do we need the stars? - taking him from Brooklyn to Mauna Kea, Paris, and beyond. Exploring the threat of killer asteroids in Hawaii, tracking hatching turtles along the Florida coast, and rescuing injured birds on Chicago streets, Cheney unravels the myriad implications of a globe glittering with lights - including increased breast cancer rates from exposure to light at night, and a generation of kids without a glimpse of the universe above. Featuring stunning astrophotography and a cast of eclectic scientists, THE CITY DARK is the definitive story of light pollution and the disappearing stars.
"Kaya" - 19 mins. 48 secs. - Professional Short-
By: Pasquale A. Leonardo, Brooklyn, NY

Kaya, a Midwestern girl, 19, follows her passion for cycling to New York City where she becomes a bike messenger.
"Easy Street" - 23 mins. 30 secs. - Professional Short-
By: Russell Greene, Lowell, NC

A young, Southern lawyer goes to New York for a job interview with the country's most eccentric and intimidating Federal Judge. After experiencing the weirdest encounter of his life, he is given an ultimatum that pits his morality against his ambition. Both comically absurd and socially relevant, the film asks: How far would you go to land your dream job?
"The Lighthouse" -7 mins. 30 secs. - Student Animation -
By: Po Chou Chi, Los Angeles, CA

This film is a story about parents supporting their children to make their dreams come true.
"Nobody But Her" -7 mins. - Professional Short-
Written By: Roy Houston, Directed By: Phillip Jordan Brooks, Shreveport, LA

The terrifying story of 8-year old Greta and her abusive grandmother. After her grandmother's strange death, two detectives work to unravel the mystery by questioning the young girl, leading them to the shocking truth.
"Never Feed the Troll" - 1 hr. 26 mins. - Professional Feature -
By: Jet Eller, Charlotte, NC

Linda has a past she'd rather forget, but an online intruder decides he wants things differently and imposes a night of terror on her.
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