Would you like to help us during the Art of Sound Music Festival September 21&22? 

Volunteers are needed for this 2 day festival and you can sign up by filling out the Volunteer Form and emailing it to info@ccartscouncil.org.

There are various shifts from Friday & Saturday and many volunteer positions. 

Below is the list of the volunteer jobs available and their brief descriptions. If you need more information on any of these jobs, please contact us at info@ccartscouncil.org or 704-484-2787.

Site Managers –
Volunteers who would like to oversee the smooth running of a music venue or area: Arts Council, Artist Hospitality, Merchandise Sales, Information tent. They will be the main point person for concession sales, merchandise, confirmation of volunteer assignments, musician check-in or questions.

Concession Sales –
sell and pour soft drinks, beer and wine, check IDs (all proceeds going to the Arts Council).

Monitor office, answer phone, replace cash, answer questions, give checks to musicians, etc.

Artist & Volunteer Hospitality –
Greet attendees; make sure instruments are secure if musicians want to leave them; monitor the Green Room; keep the food area neat and tidy; replenish refreshments as needed.

Information Tent – Volunteer/Artist Check-in –
check in musicians and volunteers; give them their information packet and make sure they know when and where they are performing; direct them to the Hospitality area.

Merchandise Sales –
Make sure that musicians leave an inventory list with prices, with their items; record all sales in receipt book

If you would like to volunteer
please call the Arts Council
at 704-484-2787!
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