2021 Performers
Dave Bonivtch

Dave Bonivtch is a retired airline pilot who has renewed his passion for music and performing in recent years. Playing in bands was a major part of his life growing up in South Florida. Now living in Shelby for over 21 years, Dave plays keyboard and sings solo with his own unique style and sound. He covers a wide range of genres, such as rock through many years, island music, Mo-town, and light country. The former Owl’s Eye Vineyard, the Dragonfly Wine Market, the Four Season’s (Ft. Mill, SC), and The Spinning Leaf are a few of the venues he has played. Dave’s goal is to excite the audience so they enjoy, smile, recognize the great songs and hopefully move their feet. This is his first appearance at the “Art of Sound” concert series.



Gypsy Swing:30

The spirit of jazz lives on in Cleveland County. Nurtured from the roots of Ray Ledford's swing arrangements, Gypsy Swing:30 has leaned toward a particular style known as "Hot Club Jazz" reminiscent of early 20th century Parisian musician, Django Reinhardt. Instead of the recent foray into electric instruments, this session the band presents as an acoustic trio. Local guitarists, Tommy Forney and Justin Harper will be joined by keyboard, Melodica player and Native American flautist, Rodger Perry. Any music enthusiast should be pleased to hear Gypsy Swing:30 perpetuating the culture of Swing music over 75 years after its peak.

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​Are you ready to SWITCH_USER? Combining elements of reggae, rock, and retro, this fresh new sound is constantly evolving. Adapting the styles found in Western North Carolina, the term "Blue Ridge Reggae" has been attached to this eclectic and visually evocative alien inspired band.

  Jeff Gates

To categorize Jeff Gates’ music would be like choosing one color to describe an entire range of mountains. Jeff has written and performed volumes of tunes that run the gamut from good ol’ back porch blues to 80’s hair band rock. His two latest CDs, ‘You Make Me’ (2011) and ‘Colorblind Blues’ (2012), mix funky blues with pop rock. From an early age, Jeff knew that he wanted to play music, and because of his drive and determination, has done just that. Jeff is a musician…not just someone who plays in a band occasionally, but a true musician. As the owner of a recording studio, he can usually be found recording a band, teaching his students, or writing his own music. When he is not in the studio, Jeff is performing; entertaining audiences with his brilliance on the guitar and his amusing banter on the mic. His guitar style has been compared to Hendrix, Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his voice likened to the raspy sounds of Bob Seger and Bryan Adams.  Jeff’s style may bring to mind these other musicians, but his original songs and his passion for music set him aside as a one-of-a-kind. There certainly is a wealth of talent contained in this enthusiastic individual. Facebook page

  Omar Porter and Brosnan Granger

​Get ready to be energized as you enjoy an eclectic mix of percussion and strings. Omar and Brosnan will have you on your feet in no time! Cleveland County resident Omar Porter has been playing percussion since the age of 12. He’s played with many artists from different genres of music including Mark Wood (Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Anthony Hamilton). Guitar player Brosnan Granger has been playing for 20 years and plays with many rising artists in the Charlotte and surrounding areas.

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